Wanted 1960'S OUTBOARD

For pre 1975 outboards and race motors only.

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Mr Pearly
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Wanted 1960'S OUTBOARD

Post by Mr Pearly »

Hi, I am looking for a period outboard to compliment my 1968 Pearly Miss. I am considering everything from a 10hp to a 40hp must be on remotes.

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Re: Wanted 1960'S OUTBOARD

Post by Rapier »

It's a real pain to keep climbing over the seats to fire up the engine after shutting down in locks, if you plan to have passengers in the back, even more so; so you'd really need to find an electric start motor. Unless you're happy to service it yourself (most outboard shops no longer have the expertise, or inclination, to work on the oldies), I'd also go with a modern-ish motor - 30-40hp Yamaha 3 cylinders are powerful and oil injected. Yamaha 20-25hp 4-stroke are ideal for river use as they're quiet (the drone of a 2-stroke just above idle for hours can be intrusive) and will not gas you with exhaust fumes (nothing worse on a windless day on the Thames..).
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Re: Wanted 1960'S OUTBOARD

Post by floater »

Oh I don't know
That said, the boat I use on the river is four stroke powered :oops:
The downside is that it's single cylinder (5hp) which vibrates through the cable steering. The little 60s 5 1/2 Johnson 2 stroke twin I used to use was just as quiet and smoother although more thirsty. Both are pull start which at that size is no effort and gives a purpose to rear seat passengers.

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