'66 West Bend / Chrysler 35hp

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'66 West Bend / Chrysler 35hp

Postby Rapier » Thu Jul 25, 2019 10:49 pm

Picked this up during the winter. Chrysler bought West Bend (a mid shelf outboard co.) in 1965, 1965/66 motors wore West Bend cowls badged 'West Bend by Chrysler'. in 67 the new line up of rebadged and re-engineered (some parts) Chrysler motors (with typical square style cowlings) were released. This is a rare to find motor here, but not very special at all. Parts are eye wateringly expensive and hard to source (dealer support is non-existant), and they're not desirable or any better than the more common 40hp OMC, so a project shouldn't cost more than a few tenners, even when in OK condition. Only clain to fame is success in a 36cu.in racing class during the mid 60s, more due to the small gear case profile than power..

It turned out to a be a mess, with parts missing and general neglect..it had been dropped at some stage, breaking in a few places and twisting the lower tray mounting. Didn't realise until I got back that the cowling didn't fit...and by that stage had been gassed by stale fuel and leaky gear oil on the way home. I found a cheap powerhead tray in the US, from a breakers and had it shipped over by slow boat, ostensibly to create a 'special' from the 55hp rebuild... Spent some time stripping the Tillotson OM28A carb (similar to the OMC twins carb), with fixed high speed jet and upper slow speed needle..ugh, the stink, when dismantled. Luckily the garage is not attached to the house, or there would have been some moaning.
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