Daimler SP250 V8

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Daimler SP250 V8

Post by OLLY-B »

Hi All,

Can anyone point me in the direction of boats with Daimler SP250 V8 engines. A boat name or site or a link? i want to buiod up an understanding of their applications.

Any pics appreciated!


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Re: Daimler SP250 V8

Post by Rapier »

Only Daimler V8 I saw in aboat was a Simmonds that was owned by Norman Buckley.

Some older topics:-

https://www.cmba-uk.com/forum/search.ph ... ds=daimler
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Re: Daimler SP250 V8

Post by Simonp »

I believe the Simmonds Daimler - Little Miss Windermere had the only remaining running fully marinised (by Daimler) V8 left.

There was another in a Healey in Kingsbridge but I lost contact with the owner. I have an SP 250 and researched the marine Daimler V8s extensively at the Jaguar archive a long time again. I believe only maybe 25 engines were built maybe less until Lofty England canned the project.

I still have the design drawings for the 4.5 Litre Daimler V8 marinised engine that never came to fruition. There was a lot of interest from the offshore power boat guys at about the time of the 63 Round Britain powerboat race. Shame I let my marine archive go with the boat.

Simon Pickford
Simmonds fitted from new with what, I believe, is the only running factory marinised Daimler 2.5 litre V8 (as fitted to the Daimler SP 250) in the UK. Please let me know if you find another! Believed to be Norman Buckley's race boat.

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