Teleflex cable replacement

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Teleflex cable replacement

Post by floater »

I was disappointed to find that the Teleflex steering cable on my Waverider Mustang had corroded and split. It was fitted a fair few years ago but like most the boat hasn't had that much use, probably 150 hours or so. The split was between the side of the splashwell and the motor, clearly this area sees a fair bit of water and the boat has been to sea a few times, but the cable is swaged to the fitting and sheathed in plastic so it's disappointing that water can still get in to do the damage particularly at £100 a go.
Rotten cable
Rotten cable
Replaced it today, not an easy task because there's not enough clearance to get the cable out of the tilt tube without lifting the motor off the transom. Thankfully the copious amounts of grease I used during the original installation was still doing a good job so there were no seized bolts to deal with

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Re: Teleflex cable replacement

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I wonder whether it split further down the cable due to the pressure within the cable, given the lack of clearance; then once the plastic had split, was only a matter of time before damp / water ingress.

Had to use my engine hoist on the Glastron with it's offset jackplate (and did it twice, as was fitting appropriate witches hats / boots!) and then faff with the 6 mounting bolts.
Fasten bra straps and remove dentures...

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