Trailer wheels

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Trailer wheels

Post by welshhealey »

Whilst removing my trailer wheels to do the usual maintenance e.g. Bearing lubricating / replacing cracked tyres etc .. I discovered with horror, the centre hole that's fits over the hub , is much larger than the hub/bearing cap etc... therefore, the whole weight of the boat, trailer and all is only supported with the 4 studs on each wheel , this can't be right surely? :hmmm: The stress on the studs must be horrendous , and I shudder to think if one sheared with the load bearing on them whilst cruising on the motorway. :shock: .This makes me realise so far I've been very lucky that nothing has happened, and if something did, and caused an accident, would my insurance be null and void ? Plus the police investigation :shock: The trailer is a indespension hallmark and I got the gut feeling the previous owner at some stage may have put the incorrect wheels on :hmmm: Am I correct with my assumption?

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Re: Trailer wheels

Post by floater »

Many aftermarket alloy wheels have centre bores larger than the hub boss, this enables them to fit a wider range of vehicles. You can buy sleeves to bridge the gap but many are plastic proving that they're only to aid location while fitting not as a structural mount. It's the conical seats on the nuts that provide the centreing and the friction between the wheel and hub face that provides the grip so that you're not actually riding on the studs as such.
My old car had alloys that had a centre comprised of four corner sections rather than a round hole, combined with a big chamfer it was always a pain to hold the wheel in place and insert the bolts.

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Re: Trailer wheels

Post by kwoffa »

If i was you,i would contact Indispension with your measurments and ask them,dosnt sound right to me,re fitting..i have always used a guide pin on my car (bmw) which goes thru the wheel and into the can then just put the bolts in.

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Re: Trailer wheels

Post by solitaire »

Floater is spot on - its the taper/cone on the bolt/nut hole that centers the wheel on the hub - the majority of trailer hubs have a rough cast finish on the bearing carrier center so it
wouldn't center the wheel correctly. One point to mention is that it's important to torque the wheel nuts correctly! - It's easy to crush and split the locating cones if you overtighten the little steel wheels.

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