Bluebird K7

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Bluebird K7

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Latest episode

I am clearly mistaken but I'd have thought the remains brought up from the lake would be considered "salvage" and therefore property of whoever claimed it? :hmmm:

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Re: Bluebird K7

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im not a lover of museums through past experiences with them . many seem to be run by jumped up "toffs" with very little knowledge of what they are presenting .
ive disposed of numerous historic items over the years ,sadly not to museums as they will take ,then stick the items into their archives never to be seen again.
ive recently acquired a beautiful historic hydroplane from the twenties (not for sale !!! ) which was loaned to a museum that closed ,who promptly "lost" a lot of its historic documentation !!!!
hopefully the boat will return to the water in the near future where it rightfully belongs .

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