A Thank you from HRH Prince Charles

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A Thank you from HRH Prince Charles

Post by welshhealey »

Just thought I’d post a picture I’ve just seen on an online national newspaper of HRH Prince Charles sending a heartfelt thank you to all the Royal fans who sent their condolences for HRH Prince Philip, out of all the thousands of photographs to choose from, isn’t it fabulous for the Prince to send this one of himself with his father in an Albatross , just think of the thousands of people in the UK seeing this. Apologies for low resolution picture. Wouldn’t it be lovely if Prince Charles knew that Albatross boats are supported by the CMBA !
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Re: A Thank you from HRH Prince Charles

Post by kgarla »

That is a wonderful choice from our viewpoint and it's really nice it obviously resonated with HRH The Prince of Wales as a memory that has stayed with him. By the by, I wonder if anyone knows the current location/owner of the Albatross(s) previously owned by HRH Prince Phillip? A life of devoted service to his wife, family Crown and Country. Kgarla

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