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Forum Rules & Guidelines - Please Read

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Welcome Aboard
Welcome to the official CMBA forum!
The CMBA is run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts and is dedicated not only to raising the awareness of classic motorboats, but also the general enjoyment of classic boating.

The CMBA caters for all types of small boats, from classic wooden launches up to more modern fibreglass speedboats. We have members who own, run and restore everything from racing hydroplanes to Rivas and we are the largest active club within the UK.

The forum is funded by the members of the CMBA and while it is open to all, if you find it useful and have any interest in classic motor boats we would be pleased if you would consider joining us.

Please take the time to register. This will allow you greater access to the forum features, the ability to post items without going through our anti-spam verification process, post pictures and much more. It is free and only takes a moment.

Forum Rules & Guidelines

We don't have many rules here but we would ask participants to remember this is the official CMBA forum and is moderated by that organisation. It is a resource available to all, so please think twice before hitting 'submit', thank you.

Reciprocal Links
We are always happy to list and promote other sites relevant to the interests of our members and do this on a 'Reciprocal Link' basis. If you would like a link on our web pages please contact the Forum Admin (BroomBroom) via email or PM with the details and they will be forwarded to the CMBA Committee for consideration.
Any links in forum users 'signatures' are subject to the same conditions unless they are referring to a personal site - e.g. a build blog etc...
Feel free to use thuis banner on your web site! (Right Click to Save)<br />Please link the image to:
Feel free to use thuis banner on your web site! (Right Click to Save)
Please link the image to:
Watch Your Language!
We will not entertain personal attacks between participants, swearing, racist or abusive language or any content of an adult or sexual nature. Offending posts will always be removed and those responsible warned or even banned.

Do not post anything that you would not be happy for your children to read...

Please Note - The views and opinions expressed on this forum are not necessarily those of the CMBA who do not accept responsibility for any statements made or opinions expressed in this forum.

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