Calendar for 2020

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Calendar for 2020

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HI All, Some of you will have seen DK's Facebook entry regarding events for this upcoming season. David says "Given the current Government advice about keeping our distance from each other and non-essential travel, we are still planning to hold our various CMBA events as they are still many weeks away. However, if that situation changes and we find no option but to cancel any particular event, then we will let everyone, that has booked to attend, know immediately. Keep safe and watch this space..."
With my hat of Event Co-ordinator on, there was the first version of this years calendar in the last magazine and this years Version 3 is ready for the next mag. Obviously we have to keep up to date with Gov. guidelines and advice. We will make decisions as soon as we can if we are to cancel anything. This situation is changing daily and the last 24 hours as predicted has seen a large jump in the numbers of victims. My thoughts go out to all who are affected by this event.
As Chairman, Please all stay safe, it could be worse, you could be the very soon to be 87 year old lady who will be stuck indoors next to our house.
Best Wishes
Kgarla :drink:

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