Any idea on this unidentified speedboat??

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Any idea on this unidentified speedboat??

Post by Kestrel »

Hi all,

New to the forum. Have owned this 15' speedboat for a few years and still have no idea as to the builder or its history. We originally thought it had a 1500 Ford pre-crossflow but since blowing the head gasket after running it for the first time in 3 years we've come to realise it's a Ford 105E, used in the Anglia.

We've pulled it all to bits to rebuild. The prop shaft needed straightening and the rudder rewelding too. And it seems that perhaps it started life as an outboard and the inboard engine was added later. Who knows!

Anyhow, I'd love it if anyone could shed some light on it. Either way it's a fun little thing to mess around on. On the hunt for something larger though!

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Re: Any idea on this unidentified speedboat??

Post by Rapier »

Interesting...looks a bit like a modified race boat hull, perhaps a Burgess, or similar?
Fasten bra straps and remove dentures...

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