Chasewater Park, West Midlands

Know of any good venues for running our boats? Please share them here and give as many details as possible - launch arrangements/costs/restrictions etc.
Please use the location Name and County as the title of the post - thank you.

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Re: Chase Waterpark, West Midlands

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I agree that there is a major mis-understanding as to what our club is all about - we are not just about flying around a lake for an hour. :wot:

The social aspect of the club is key which generates a high level of revenue for all facilities including bar, restaurant and accommodation etc. :woo:

Presenting data showing monies spent at Cardiff/Falmouth etc would hopefully get people to understand the commercial benefits we could bring to their organisation - off-setting the large daily fee's currently proposed.

I would like to approach Bodymoor in this way if people are in agreement ?

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Re: Chase Waterpark, West Midlands

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Think that would be a good idea - I used to be a member there but didn't get on with the old regime who rarely did anything and did not engage - only put my boat on the water a couple of times - They are geared to hydoplane racing but should be able to accomodate us and there are facilities and it is a quite a pleasant and central location.

Whatever happened to our race register?! Maybe we are getting too old!

Simmonds fitted from new with what, I believe, is the only running factory marinised Daimler 2.5 litre V8 (as fitted to the Daimler SP 250) in the UK. Please let me know if you find another! Believed to be Norman Buckley's race boat.

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Re: Chase Waterpark, West Midlands

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I would be interested in coming along too, i could do with a trip out that does not involve keeping to a 4mph speedlimit near the house. I miss the seaside!

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