Grendon lakes, Northampton - Camping weekend

Know of any good venues for running our boats? Please share them here and give as many details as possible - launch arrangements/costs/restrictions etc.
Please use the location Name and County as the title of the post - thank you.

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Re: Grendon lakes, Northampton - Camping weekend

Post by Carvalin »

I'd love to come, depending on date of course......

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Re: Grendon lakes, Northampton - Camping weekend

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Tim, don't forget to liaise with me, or at least check the events calendar if it comes to actually booking it. The diary is quite full but there are some spaces. I normally try to allow 2 weeks between events if at all possible, of course that can't always happen & some events are set in stone to clashes inevitably occur.
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Re: Grendon lakes, Northampton - Camping weekend

Post by Simonp »

Hi Tim

Did you manage to make any progress on this one - would be nice to fix up an informal meet this year if we can - what sort of costs do you think would be involved?

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