1964 Johnson 40hp RD-26S

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Re: 1964 Johnson 40hp RD-26S

Post by haventaclue »

Ah the joys of boating :D . I'm sure you'll get it shorted.
When I was building and working on "NO-KIT" doing anything at Downings pier, there was a fella who, as soon as I arrived, left.
I found out years later, he observed my trial and tribulations with water testing "NO-KIT" and the Merc800, and left 'cause he figured something was going to go wrong
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Re: 1964 Johnson 40hp RD-26S

Post by Rapier »

I've known CMBA members to do that too..if only to avoid being consulted.

Interesting to watch others recovering yesterday..Busted trailer rollers, a Broom Scorpio with no deck and re-inforced with CSM that looked like it had been slopped on with a yard brush and a Wilson flyer in ubiquitous orange / blue with similar treatment. As long as it floats...except the Broom was close to going under due to the removal of the splashwell, the weight of the motor and the acute angle of the trailer on recovery.
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Re: 1964 Johnson 40hp RD-26S

Post by LitchboroughLitchbor »

Ah - the joys of boating!

I was so impressed with your work on the '64 Johnson, that when I saw a '65, I decided it needed a good home, and I needed a spare engine. Surprisingly our little day out with the '62 engine at Abingdon in August was pleasantly trouble-free - but I'm not confident about taking this engine on the sea.

I've no idea how the '65 engine will work out. I may just prove to be another list of problems - it hasn't got a starter motor.

After lying un-used for about 10 years, I'm recommissioning my Fletcher 18 and Merc 150. So far it's needed parts for the trailer, and for the engine a new CDI Electronics stator and both switchboxes, a trim solenoid and kill switch and seemed to almost there ...... until I noticed cracks in the gearcase! Surprisingly the gearcase is not leaking, and I think it will be okay on the Thames - but before this boat goes on the sea, it looks like this will be another £500+ to fix.

PS. Do you use fuel proofer on your carb cork floats? I've been giving this a try.
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