Yamaha 40hp IL3

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Yamaha 40hp IL3

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Oh, the joys...I am currently working on a very low hour year 2000 motor, but I've seen both of these over the years of working on outboards.

1. The previous owner had failed to drain the carbs at the end of it's last run - this stuff, and quantities of water, remained in the 3 float bowls. It will be much much worse with E10 Monkey Fuel. It took a few hours to clean them up..

2. Sometime during it's short use the motor was run out of water, without a flushing device fitted. The impeller has overheated, damaging it's integrity and causing the stainless insert to overheat and melt into the plastic body of the water pump. Parts of 3 blades of the impeller have vanished, presumably into the waterways around the powerhead, with a potential to cause powerhead overheating..The parts cost to repair the pump damage will be about £90, but a dealer would charge their standard labour charge to investigate further.
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