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Not a fan of ethanol based fuels. We had biofuel made from sugar cane in Africa from early '80s (in part to guarantee local fuel supplies..) and it played havoc with seals, especially within carburetor systems, hoses, and because the fuel itself is hygroscopic, it also created corrosion issues.

In '88 I remember collecting the late '60s family station wagon from the bonded warehouse where it had been flown. It was very hard to get it to start (it had sat for 3 months..) and ran dreadfully, until I could get the tank drained and replaced with fresh 98 (leaded) octane. This was just the start of the problems for a car that was completely relaible all it's life (obviously not British-made then!). After a nightmare 250 mile journey I got home and stripped the carb to find all the rubber O rings were like chewing gum, due to the ethanol fuel and these had expanded into various orrifices and were restricting fuel flow. Most of the rubber hoses had to be replaced as well; they'd started to turn to mush inside.

So, a long story, but today we hear the authorities wishing to introduce E10 now. They tell us it will not be suitable with older cars, but neither will it be suitable for older automotive based surviving marine engines, or our outboards (I already drain the float bowls of fuel in my outboards after use, as we have E5 here and it does the same damage on older motors). I did make similar comments about fuel recently; about us having a say about our classic boat hobby and the general marine industry, post Jan 31, and was sanctioned for it, so I will leave it for others to come to their own conclusions.

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Re: E10

Post by haventaclue »

I agree with you on this and when someone can prove the eco benefit of ethanol in petrol,I will be happy to use it.
I have changed all of my fuel lines to ethanol proof rubber and hoping the carb gaskets and fuel pump diaphragm is.
In MHO,it reduces the MPG therefore burning more fuel to get from A to B,so no saving the environment.
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