Gearbox leak ???

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Gearbox leak ???

Postby kwoffa » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:45 pm

Hi Chaps
I have a Meteor mk1 which i am currently re-finishing the boat itself is sound,however i have not fired her up in Vengance yet ! However i am a bit concerned by a leak from the gearbox,i find that any movement regardin the prop shaft,gear linkage promotes a small leak prop side,i am not sure if it is because it hasnt been run up or i have a problem,i am not sure what gear box it is the engine is a Ford 100e.the engine has been re-built,aledgedly! i have access to the top of the gearbox as there is a plate on top of the box which looks to be held in with torks bolts any help would be apreciated..TIA Mel.
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