Clear penetrating epoxy sealer

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Clear penetrating epoxy sealer

Postby chris_craft » Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:32 am

When the old forum was running I was discussing the hull of my Chris Ski Boat. One of the other members very kindly contacted me (by phone) with the name of a product that he had used as an alternative to the Smith's product. I think it was a company based in the Manchester area. Could you please contact me again as I am having a senior moment and cannot remember the name of the product or the manufacturer. Thanks in advance!!! Also having removed the filler from a lot of the plank fixing screws and tightening them up some just turn and won't grip(as though they have pulled slightly) - any suggestions for a fix?? I can't afford to replank yet but will eventually!! Dave
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Re: Clear penetrating epoxy sealer

Postby Mirak » Mon Feb 23, 2009 4:42 pm

Regarding constantly rotating screws:

Mix up some epoxy with some thickener (colloidal silica). Dip the screw in the epoxy and screw it in the hole. Leave it slightly proud and then leave to set.

Next day, heat screw up with decent sized soldering iron. Just enough to free it up. Remove screw, re-drill the pilot hole and then screw the screw right in.

Penetrating epoxy - there's some water based epoxy about now, but I don't have a manufacturer's name to hand.

Alternatively use WEST (105 resin /205 hardener) having warmed it up well. Stick the pots in a bucket of hot water for half an hour.

The warmth will also speed up the cure, so switch to 206 hardener to slow it down a bit.

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Re: Clear penetrating epoxy sealer

Postby chriscraft » Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:17 pm

Hi CPES is a very thin water like wood celluloze liquid that is designed to penetrate right into the cell structure of the wood it then hardens and strengthens the cells also preventing further rot and shrinkage, I dont think an epoxy type sealer no matter how thin or warm you get it will do the same. Read up about its application on don dannenbergs restoration site. If you can not sucessfully tighten the screws in the bottom planks ,then the holes are probably elongated in the frames, caused by continued expantion and contraction of the bottom planks each time you launch. This will oval the holes and at worse crack the frames, again see Dons book for further explaination, sorry to say but its best to take the bottom off and repair the frames then replank the bottom using the 3m 5200 method , You would not restore a sixties jag then run it down the M1 on bald tyres in the wet with the family in , running a classic boat with a dodgy bottom is the same thing, I saw a chris craft sink at Aix les Bains a couple of years back ,popped a plank and now rests in 300' of french lake. sorry to be the bearer of bad news regards D
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Re: Clear penetrating epoxy sealer

Postby se7en » Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:36 pm

We use Wessex resins WRA 200 in our yard,it will do the same job as CPES, its made buy Wessex Resins, the same people that manufacture West under licenses in europe.and can be ordered through any West agent, however, if the bottom is that bad, as David/ Chriscraft said, there are no short cuts, you have to do the job the safest way, I was also at the meeting when that Chris Craft sank, the guy was lucky he only lost his boat !!.... he had his family with him !!
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