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Pearly Miss No4

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Am a sucker for these boats... No4 for arrived restoration last weekend, before the storm. Will do it side by side with No3. Spent a few hours today paint stripping the last vestiges of external paint around the rivets. The fine pattern Trackmark had perished, as per normal and the foredeck is corroded. The dash covering is still intact and the boat had the remnants of it's original 50s style Attwood steering wheel. Hull is OK, some gouges, superficial dents, scratches, a large hole where they normally get one and 5 rivets missing their heads...

This boat differs from No3:-
- it has no structural beams between fore and aft seats,
- the front seat base is further forward,
- the kick panel is smaller,
- front seat has differing bracing where it joins the sides, not sure whether I can pull my stunt of filling the seats with noodles..
- cubby is fibreglass moulded, not ali with a ali frame,
- the bouyancy box under the splashwell is completely sealed,
- differing size rivets are used, with an extra row under each seat base,
- the bow handle moulding is a different design from all others I've owned,
- it's fitted with factory ski eyes,
- transom handles are a different design, riveted to the boat and wider spread (either side of the transom wood) that it's more difficult to lift...
- remote controller bracket is smaller,
IMG_3622 (Large).JPG
IMG_3662 (Large).JPG
Fasten bra straps and remove dentures...

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