V for Very wet - Ventas 1966

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V for Very wet - Ventas 1966

Postby Rapier » Fri Mar 06, 2015 3:42 pm

This lot is wearing slightly more than the ubiqitous PVC shorts - they still don't look very happy, although one chap is checking his gps, while his colleague kindly shields it from the driving spray. Child cruelty campainers were notified on reaching dry land.

Strangely enough, this setting is common in British period boating ads - it's always rough, everyone is done up in damp layers, bar those that were told to get dressed for the speedboating picture in a jacket and tie (and hat). There is a preponderance of white lab coats in ads too. The Americans decided around the same time, that glamour, and not grit, sold boats, and if you were going to buy a boat, at least get one where everyone and their kids could sit comfortably, some way above a water line.
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