The CMBA was founded in 1998 by Keith & Merle Jarrett, Rod & Hazel Champkin and others, after being proposed by Rod & Keith at the British Classic Motor Boat Rally, Windermere, in August that year.

The intention of the association is to gather together enthusiasts of classic motor boats and to enable members to run and display them.

The wealth of specialist knowledge within the club allows enthusiasts to help each other with restoration projects.

We have around 250 members, most of whom own a classic craft of one kind or another. Owning a boat is not a prerequisite for membership, in fact we encourage all with an interest in and enjoyment of classic boats to come and join us.

We publish a magazine every quarter packed with interesting articles and club information - including a buy/sell/wanted page where members may advertise free of charge and maintain a very active internet forum.

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